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Using a Press Release for SEO

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Search Engine Optimization requires a combination of relevant content, search engine friendly copy and media and a solid link building strategy. Link Building is the part of the process that can often require the most time, patience and persistence. An often overlooked strategy to link building involves the creation and distribution of press releases.

Sending press releases to various news websites, community business websites and online PR websites not only helps you drive traffic to your site but also is a great way to build more links to your website. In addition, Google is now showing press releases as part of their organic search results and if it is well optimized, your article may appear for several days after it’s release and add to any front page rankings that you currently have.

Here are some tips for writing and optimizing your press release online:

1: Keep It Interesting: When writing your press releases, try to consider if the copy is truly “newsworthy”. Many bloggers will subscribe to multiple PR websites, looking for topics to include in their own blog. If your release is compelling, they may blog about your article and include a link back to the copy. In addition, you have the chance to have a journalist find your business’s press release and cover the topic in their blog, website,  magazine or newspaper for added exposure.

2. Optimize the Copy: If you have an internal copywriter or have a company that writes your press releases, be sure to get the article to someone who specializes in writing search engine friendly copy. It is important that the message is not compromised when it is optimized, but be sure to target your business’s most important key phrases and utilize best practices for your links.

3. Include All Press Releases On Your Website: When distributing your press releases to the various online mediums, you will find that the size of the copy will be limited. For that reason, include a full, detailed version of the press release on your company website, complete with a  name, email and phone for your media contact. Link to this page on your website on every press release that you release online.

4. Track Your Results: Monitor your referral traffic in your website analytics programs to see what online PR sites are sending you the most traffic. In addition, sign up for online alerts, such as Google Alerts, to know when websites and blogs are picking up and distributing your press release.

Press releases can be a great way to boost your search engine optimization efforts, in addition to increasing your online traffic and exposure. There is no set rule as to how often you should be releasing a press release,  but it is important to announce any accomplishments, awards or buzz-worthy news about your business or organization. Be sure to optimize the release and when it’s time to release the article, explore the online options methods of distributions to decide whether the free or paid route is best for your budget and marketing goals.

For more information on writing press releases or how to distribute them to increase your search engine exposure, contact a&g Digital Consulting at 317–417-7070.