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a&g Welcomes a New Team Member

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Machelle Young - Project Manager at a&ga&g Digital Consulting would like to welcome Machelle Young to our team of talented marketing extraordinaires. In the Project Manager role, Machelle manages all aspects of client project organization and completion, ensuring processes run smoothly, goals are achieved, and deadlines are met. With a business degree focusing on management, Machelle has the education and background to tackle complex projects with ease.  She is no stranger to managing design projects as well as online marketing and analytics, having spent the past 10 years as a Marketing Services Coordinator and Project Manager. Her former roles taught her the importance of following a job through from start to finish, while giving 100% attention at each stage of the process. Prior to working in Marketing, Machelle spent 4 years in Business Management and Recruiting. She is dedicated to supporting clients by helping them through the process of making strategic changes to their websites and/or online marketing efforts.

The Tough Questions

1. Favorite sports team? The Indianapolis Colts.  (the proof is in the wedding pics)
2. Describe yourself in three words.  Sarcastic, joyful, & devoted.
3. What is the last book you read? “Full Dark No Stars” by Stephen King.
4. Favorite song to play on Rockband?  Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
5. Super power of choice? The power of flight.
6. Dogs or Cats (keep the logo in mind)? My choice is DOGS of course! I like them so much, I adopted one as big as a horse!

Tomato Fish Marketing Announces New Strategic Partnership with A&G Digital Consulting

Friday, March 12th, 2010


INDIANAPOLIS, IN (March 11, 2010) – Tomato Fish Marketing, a marketing and design firm and a&g Digital Consulting, LLC, a web design and online marketing firm, announced their strategic partnership to collectively offer their clients a complete online business solution.  TFM and a&g will be able to help their clients improve their overall branding and increase sales conversions through quality leads through a combination of strategic online marketing planning and implementation.

About Tomato Fish Marketing
Tomato Fish Marketing is an Indianapolis-based WBE certified marketing and design consulting firm delivering a holistic approach to online marketing communications since 2005.  The goal of Tomato Fish Marketing is to positively impact the quality of marketing and design for non-profit and for-profit organizations through their TOMI System™ (Targeted Online Marketing & Implementation). This system provides a comprehensive approach to marketing with a focus on creating strong marketing foundations and qualified leads.  What the heck, you may ask, is a “tomato fish”?  Go to to hear their story and learn about their services.

About a&g Digital Consulting
a&g Digital Consulting is a marketing firm, specializing in web design and online marketing. Working with businesses throughout Indiana, they are able to bring over 12 years of experience in designing, developing and marketing websites.  The goal of a&g is to become the full service solution for the web and marketing needs for B2C businesses.  While offering a complete list of website design and development services, a&g focuses on the post-launch marketing, maintenance and tracking of their client’s websites. For more information visit a&g online at


Tomato Fish Marketing, LLC

Brooke DeRam, Owner


a&g Digital Consulting

Angie Commorato, Owner


Find Online Shoppers on Facebook

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

According to a December of 2009 study by ForeSee Results, Facebook leads the pack for online shopping in social media, with 56% of online shoppers using Facebook. referenced that according to the “2010 Social Media Report” from ForeSee Results, 69% of online shoppers regularly use social media sites, which helps support the need for etailers to turn their attention to social network marketing.


While the numbers show that many consumers are using social media to shop online, another report shows that the consumers are loyal to just a handful of brands. 61% of shoppers focus their attention on 1-5 retailers or brands, while only 21% focus on 6-10 brands.


To find out how you can create a social network marketing plan for your business, contact a&g Digital Consulting.

How to Claim Your Twitter Name

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

If you starting using Twitter late in the game, chances are that you may have missed out on getting your desired username. Twitter Counter now has a new tool, which will alert you via email if your username becomes available.

If you are not familiar with the Twitter Counter website, it is a great resource.  Use this website to find out all kinds of great information including individual twitter account stats, most popular accounts and lists and now and twitter account comparisons.  Recently, a new tool was released to allow you to be notified if your twitter username becomes available. There has been recent talk about an upcoming release of a number of old and unused Twitter usernames. When then is going to happen is not exactly known, but if you have been waiting for a particular name, now is the time to visit

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Visit and enter the username in the box at the top.


Step 2:  Click on “Claim this username” on the resulting page.


Step 3:  Enter your email address and click “Notify me”.


That’s all there is to it.  They will now notify you if and when your username is released.

Fun and useful WordPress plugins for your blog

Monday, January 18th, 2010

As WordPress blogs gain in popularity, the extensive list of plugins continues to grow. Here are a few WordPress plugins that can be great additions to your blog.

1. WPtouch iPhone theme plugin: Are you unhappy with the way that your WordPress blog looks on your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry? This plugin allows you to view your site on your mobile device using an alternate iPhone style theme. This theme also allows the user to switch to your regular theme if they choose.

Download it at:

2. Sexy comments plugin: According to the description, this plugin allows you to “sexify your comments” section of your blog, including optional avatars, an Ajax comment preview and CSS override. There are lots of customization options and this plugin will save some coding time.

Download it at:

3. My Page Order plugin: If you are not a PHP coder or don’t want to mess with the actual theme code, use this plugin to set the display order of your pages with a drag and drop interface. It’s easy to use and again, saves some coding time.

Download it at:

4. Google Analyticator plugin: This plugin allows you to easily implement your Google Analytics code to your blog, adding the necessary Javascript to the pages. It also allows you to pull basic stats through your WordPress admin.

Download it at:

5. Broken Link Checker plugin: If you are not regularly checking your blog analytics, be sure to download this plugin. It will alert you to any broken pages or images on your blog. No one enjoys the dreaded 404 error.

Download it at:

These are just a few of the nearly 8,000 plugins available. To shop the full list, visit the WordPress plugin directory.

Angie Commorato is a indianapolis based web consultant and web designer and owner of a&g Digital Consulting, LLC.

Promote Your Existing Business Commercials on the Web

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Check your stack of CDs on your desk. Do you have any disk laying around with TV commercials, infomercials or other business videos that you have produced for your company? If so, they could be bringing in more traffic to your website through online video promotion and marketing.

1. Get Your Money’s Worth for Your Video Production: If you have already paid to have a commercial produced for television, ask your media company for a web-ready version of your video. You can not only upload your video to YouTube to promote, but you can also add the video to your company’s website, business blog or email marketing campaigns.

2. Invite Your Existing or Potential Customers to Watch Your Commercials: If you are currently collecting opt-in emails from your website or have opt-in emails from your existing customers, send an email, inviting them to watch your commercials. You can either direct them to your uploaded clip on YouTube or to the media section of your website for added exposure. If you are not using email marketing, contact us to find out how you can send email marketing messages to thousand for customers for less a penny an email.

3. Use YouTube to Save Bandwidth on Your Website Hosting Account: Every time a website visitor views one of your videos on your website, you are going to be using bandwidth from your monthly website hosting allowance. However, if you were to add your clip to YouTube and embed the clip in to your website, you will be using Youtube’s bandwidth. This is a great option for small businesses who may not have unlimited bandwidth available.

3. Always Tag Your Video Posts on YouTube: When you upload a video to YouTube, you will see a field for tags. These tags are very important because they help visitors to the site find your video clip. Try to think about what your customers would search to find you and don’t forget to separate them with a comma. We recently posted some clips for a jewelry store in Logansport, Indiana, which is a smaller town. Here is an example of the tags that we used on their clip:

Arnold’s Jewelry and Gifts, Arnold’s Jewelry, Logansport Indiana, Rochester Indiana, Rochester jewelry store, Logansport Jewelry Store, Indiana Jewelry Store

To view their clip, visit

4. Use a Press Release to Promote Your Video: If your company video is something that is particularly newsworthy, consider writing and releasing a press release with a link to your online video clip. Search for press release sites that will allow you to post your press release for free to gain added exposure. Keep the search engines in mind when writing the press release and incorporate pertinent keyword phrases for your business and products or services.

5. As Always, Post A Link to Your Video on Your Social Networking Sites: Add a link to your online commercial on any of your company’s social networking accounts including your Facebook business page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and other accounts that you may have.

For more information about how to promote your videos on the web, online video production or how to set up an email marketing campaign, contact Angie Commorato at

Angie Commorato, an Indianapolis web designer and online marketing consultant, is the owner of a&g Digital Consulting, LLC. She offers website marketing consulting and web design solutions for Indiana businesses, as well as businesses across the United States.

Free Tools to Better Your Paid Search Campaigns

Monday, December 7th, 2009

As more and more businesses turn to paid search to generate cost effective leads, the resources are not always available to cover expensive software subscriptions for keyword research. This is where the free keyword and advertising tools from Google can come in handy.

Google Sets

Google Sets is a free tool which can help to expand your search phrases for your businesses. This tool allows you to enter up to five keyword phrases which pertain to your business. You can then choose a small set, which will generate 15 or fewer items, or a large set, which will provide a much more extensive list of phrases.

In my experience, you would not want to cut and paste the list of results to your pay per click campaign because the results are not always going to be exactly what you need. However, the results can help you come up with extended keywords and phrases to add to your paid search campaign.

Try it now at

Google Ad Preview Tool

If you are a Google pay per click advertiser, how many times a day to you find yourself searching your keywords, just to find out who might be bidding against you? If you are monitoring your placement, as well as competitor placement, Google’s Ad Preview tool is something that you should be using. When you continuously run a search for your bidding keywords, without clicking on your ads, Google may determine your own ads are irrelevant to you and stop showing them to you.

Try it now at

Google External Keyword Tool

I have always used Google’s External Keyword Generator when I am formulating my list of keywords and keyword phrases to target for a search engine optimization campaign, as well as my paid search campaigns. This is a scaled down version of the tool that is available to you when you log in to your Google Ad Words campaign, but if you are not a Google advertiser, you can still use the tool to not only generate ideas for your other campaigns, but also export the results in a easy to manage form. If you are a Google Ad Words advertiser, log in to your account to use their keyword generator. It is much more in depth.

Try it now at

Angie Commorato is an Indianapolis web designer and online marketing specialist and owner of Indianapolis web design and marketing company, a&g Digital Consulting, LLC.

News Featuring a&g Digital Consulting, LLC

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Following her passion

Former Logansport resident helps businesses with Web design and marketing.

by Denise Massie
Pharos-Tribune staff writer

Ever since Angie Curts-Commorato was 7 years old, she knew she wanted to own a business one day.

Growing up, the former Logansport resident spent time in her father’s business, the Gallery Home Furnishings. She recalled the times she would beg her dad, Mike Curts, to take her to work with him on the weekends.

While she didn’t specifically have an Internet-based business in mind, that is exactly what she started.

“I actually wanted to be a veterinarian until my junior year in high school,” she said. “In 1996, I went on the Internet for the first time and thought ‘this is the coolest thing.’”

Curts-Commorato graduated from Logansport High School in 1997 and Purdue University in 2001 where she majored in computer information systems.

“I went to school for computers because they didn’t have anything for the Internet,” she explained.

After graduating she worked for five years at a company in Indianapolis to gain experience.

“That job is what prepared me to do this,” she said.

In March, she finally decided to quit her executive management job to pursue Web design and marketing full time with new business, a&g Digital Consulting. Curts-Commorato decided she wanted to give the business and her customers full-time attention.

“I love it,” she said. “I’m a true geek. I love technology.”

Curts-Commorato wanted to branch out on her own full-time the last couple years, however she said different reasons kept coming up to stop her from going out on her own.

“Everyone told me the timing wasn’t right,” she said. “We’re in the middle of a slow economy.”

Despite what others said, Curts-Commorato had the drive and determination to give it a try.

“I don’t think I second guessed myself, until I pulled the plug,” she added. “It was scary and it’s still a little scary, but I never questioned it.”

Curts-Commorato lives on the northeast side of Indianapolis, but she serves customer throughout the state. She especially likes to work with Cass County businesses, since she is originally from the area and has family here.

The business offers customers a variety of services from Web design to marketing. For example, Curts-Commorato can design a Web site and than market it.

Her focus is on small- to medium-sized businesses, which typically do not have an in-house Web design or marketing departments. She is able to develop affordable Web sites and online marketing packages to fit the budget of businesses.

“I always say you can have the best Web site, but if the customer can’t find it than it’s not working,” she said.

She also designs logos and print designs for customers.

“My customers need a lot of things,” she said. “It keeps me busy, but it’s nice.”

As the sole owner of the company, Curts-Commorato also has a team of four additional workers for larger projects. Her team consists of two designers and two developers. When focusing on smaller companies, she is usually able to complete the project on her own.

Curts-Commorato works with all budgets and is able to work within a specific price range.

If a business is interested in her services, she will meet with the owner face-to-face in order to get a feel for what the business does and to see what the business looks like.

Her biggest challenge r so far is adjusting to the freedom the job provides. She does not have set hours or have to go to an office daily. This allows her to spend more time with her family.

Managing her new full-time business is also rewarding, especially since Curts-Commorato knows she is building something she can do for a long time.

Her main goal, other than building a strong business, is to make enough money to buy a large farm for her family.

No matter how large her business may grow, Curts-Commorato wants to remain the only person meeting with others for consultations.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I wouldn’t have started the business if I didn’t.”

• Denise Massie is a staff writer at the Pharos-Tribune. She can be reached at 574-732-5151 or

New business

Name: a&g Digital Consulting LLC

Phone: (317) 417-7070




Indianapolis Web Design Available for Just $999

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

How much can you expect to pay for web design for your business? Rates will vary depending on the location of the web design company and the experience that they offer. For example, our business, a&g Digital Consulting, LLC, is located in Indianapolis and our Indianapolis web design rates start from $999 for our new starter website package.  While we offer over 12 years experience in web design, search engine optimization and online marketing, we wanted to design a website design package for small businesses and start-ups who want to start small and have the ability to expand their website later.

Our new affordable website design package includes the following:

• Your choice of two designs, complete with your logo and color scheme

• A contact form to allow your potential contacts to email you directly from your website

• Up to 5 pages of client supplied information for your website. (Page examples include Home, Contact Us, Services, FAQ, About Us)

• Basic web hosting for just $15 a month – If you already have web hosting, we can work with that as well

• Add a blog for an additional $199 – add the ability to easily add news, updates and information to your website

• Add additional pages for just $75 a page

    Here are a few website design samples built with this package:

    Web Design Sample 1

    Starter Web Design Sample 1

    Starter Web Design Sample #2

    Starter Web Design Sample #2

    Starter Web Design Sample #3

    Starter Web Design Sample #3

    Our goal is to have your website online in just 5 business days. When you sign up for this package, we will work with you to gather the information for the website. While that is happening, we will create your designs and have those to you for approval within 2 business days.

    If you thought that it was too complex or time consuming to put together a website for your business,  let us assure you that we want to make the process as easy as possible. Contact us today to get started on your website design.