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Planning for Your New Website

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

When I meet an established business without a web presence, I find myself wondering how they have survived this long without it. Often times, they just don’t know where to start and the thought of putting together the site becomes overwhelming.

My job is to make the process relatively painless for a business. Sure, I am going to need some general information in regards to company history, staff and services, but usually, I can take it from there. Below is a partial list of questions that I ask a potential new customer when planning their website.

1. Do you currently have a company logo or color scheme?

2. Are there any special features that you would like on your website? (Blog, database use, search capability, e-commerce¬† – don’t worry, I explain these)

3. Are there any websites that you like? I always encourage companies to not only look at businesses within their industry, but also other websites which might catch their eye.

4. Do you currently own your domain name ( Want to see if your name is available, search here.If you business name is not available, try adding something short for your location, for example if I could not get, I may have chosen

5. Would you like free business emails included with your website hosting? If so, please provide a list of emails that you would like to have.

This is typically enough information to get me started. If you are requiring some additional functionality, such as offering the ability to sell online or database information, there would be a few more questions that I would need before I could provide a quote.

If you are needing a website, please contact us today for a free quote.